Meet your professional team

Beginner, Social or Recreational, Elite, Experienced or Inexperienced, we’ll have an approach to help you on your journey. 
We’ve helped hundreds of golfers. Your golf is our passion. 

Rodney Yee

NZPGA AAA member since 2009
Golf Shop & Learning Centre Manager
Head Professional

Born in Christchurch Rodney started playing golf at the age of 7 and had a fantastic amateur career; ...
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Jess Reid

NZPGA AAA Professional since 2013

Known for her friendly, vivacious and energetic personality, Jess is our female PGA Golf Professional and Retail Manager of the Shop. Jess’s number one ...
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Tom Hardy

NZPGA Member since 2016

Tom is part of Russley Golf Learning Centre’s coaching team, he has been with us since November 2014 and started his NZPGA Traineeship in January 2016.

Tom ...
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Cameron Barnes

NZPGA Golf Professional since 2010

New to Christchurch, Cameron arrived at Russley in October 2018 after moving down from Northland.

In 2010 he started at Kauri Cliffs Golf Course ...
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Ryan Clark

BPhty, PGDipHSc.
TPI level 2 Medical Practitioner and level 2 Junior Coaching

Ryan is a post-graduate trained musculoskeletal physiotherapist (AUT 2003) who has worked in private ...
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Private Golf Instruction

30 minute "quick fix" session

Quick fixes ‘Band-Aids’ are not ideal if you are looking for long-term improvement
but if you are in need of some serious help and time is limited,
come see us for a quick tune up.

60 minute improvement session

Learn a skill. Understand the skill and work with your instructor through the session to develop
your game. At the completion of each session, you will have the knowledge to be able to take what you have learnt and apply it effectively into your own practice.

90 minute advanced session

A comprehensive evaluation of your game with your instructor that gives you an insight into how to take what you learn on the practice tee onto the golf course.

2 hour on course experience

Whether you are looking to improve your full swing, chipping, specialty shot skills or more practical aspects of the game such as putting, rules, etiquette and controlling your ball’s flight.

There is nothing like on-course instruction to test every aspect of your game. As you encounter a particular challenge, you will receive individualized instruction tailored to your skill level.

Following the session, your coach will send you a detailed report summarizing your session with a plan to help you move forwards.

Adults $140 / Juniors $130

3 hour half day VIP training program
Discover your true potential

Enjoy a half-day with our Head Coach Rodney Yee, and learn all the tricks of the trade. Start off with a full analysis of your whole game on the practice facility, which includes use of modern technology, Specialized Drills, Practice Strategies, and Technical support. After your session on the range, head inside our clubrooms for a bite to eat over a relaxed conversation with your coach. After your refreshment, head out onto the golf course OR back onto the range to put into play/fine tune what you have learnt. At the end of your session, you will be sent a detailed report and data summarizing your session.

*Sessions need to be booked in advance.

Full Day VIP training program
Train like the pro’s

Begin the day with an in-depth conversation over a coffee with one of our leading instructors. Discuss your golfing ambitions, strengths and weaknesses while understanding our coaching philosophies that have netted endless positive results. You will then head out for an on-course evaluation before the practice facility to work on your game. At mid-day, you and your instructor will have lunch together. To conclude the day, you and your coach will head back onto the golf course to apply your improved techniques and skills. At the end of your session, you will be sent a detailed report and data summarizing your session.

*Sessions need to be booked in advance.

$475 for one person / $600 for two people

Golf Performance Physiotherapy

Learn to play program

With FREE membership

Golf can seem terribly complicated to the uninitiated. So many rules, so many different kinds of clubs. And then there's the lingo: birdies, bogeys, bump-and-runs. At the Russley Golf Shop & Learning Centre, this may be the language we speak every day, but we also know it's a language that can scare prospective golfers off before they ever pick up a club. That's where our Learn to Play comes in. To those who are new to golf, our goal is to shepherd you through this uncertainty.

How do you swing the club? What club do you use for chipping? When do you know that you're ready for the golf course?

The whole point of Learn to Play is to guide you step by step through the basics of learning the game to a point where you feel confident stepping out on the course for a game. Learn to Play combines a quality 10-week coaching program run by a NZPGA coach with a 3 month membership at the Russley Golf Club.

What is Learn to Play?

A 10-week private lesson program (10 x 30 min private lessons) on the driving range covering the basic fundamentals of the game (putting, chipping, pitching and full swing). If you have friends also interested in starting golf and would like to learn together, we also offer semi-private programs for 2-3 participants.

The 3-month membership generally starts at the completion of the program. If you are feeling confident about your game during the coaching program and would like to start playing on the course earlier, this is also an option.

The Learn to Play membership offers afternoon access to the golf course from 1pm onwards Sunday to Friday with access from 4:30pm on Saturdays. This membership includes an NZ Golf handicap.

We can assure you that what seemed complicated is really as simple as getting out and having fun as part of our Learn to Play program & membership at Russley.


1 player $550
2 players $500 each
3-4 players $450 each

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